Monday, July 30, 2012

Stay-cation Project

This week, John is off work, and we're going to celebrate by having a week-long stay-cation!  While we do intend to have some fun (we'll definitely be visiting our favorite animals in Memphis:), we also have one big project we're hoping to cross off the list this week.
As is the case with any good project, this one is intended to be a solution to a problem. 

The problems are actually two-fold:

Problem #1-  Copper, who I'd like to think is still an adorable little buckling, is growing up on us.  And, he has begun to pester the ladies in some ways that we're not ready for until mating season later in the fall.  So, he and his buddy Dallas have been quarantined.  For now, that means that they are living in the old dog pen with a tarp for shade.  It's fine for a short time, but they need more space and grass and weeds to eat, so it's a temporary solution.  In fact, there will be other times (e.g. birthing and weaning) when we'll need a way to separate the goats, so we need a better space in which to do that.

When we had the back field fenced, we had a 1,000 sq. ft. area sectioned off in one corner to serve this purpose.  But, goats are finicky about getting wet, and they need a way to get some shade on these super hot days.  So . . . we need to build a shelter for the new buck pen area.

Problem #2:  The giant fenced-in field has no shelter for the goats.  We turn them out everyday, but if it starts to rain, we have to run out and let them back into the yard where they can find some shelter.  Also, in the early morning hours, shade is hard to come by in the field.  So . . . we need to build a shelter in the field.

Rather than build 2 separate shelters, we've decided to build just one building that spans the fence separating the buck pen from the rest of the field.  Half of the building will provide shelter for the bucks while the other half provides shelter for the goats in the main field. 

Stay tuned for our progress!

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