Thursday, October 4, 2012

Can Goat Milk Cure Pink Eye?

Can goat milk cure Pink Eye?
Razz looks a bit skeptical.

This past week Jen, a good friend and blog reader forwarded me this Pinterest link.  Basically, the claim is that a few drops of probiotic-filled raw milk will clear up Pink Eye faster than you can make an appointment, get to the doctor, and pick up your prescription.

According to the site, "If the Mom in your household happens to be breastfeeding, a drop or two of breastmilk expressed into a cup and then applied with a clean eyedropper to the infected eye will rapidly and magically eliminate the infection. Reapplication may be necessary every hour for a few hours, but in most every case, the infection will be gone well before you could have even gotten an appointment to see the doctor."

If no breastmilk is available, the site recommends raw (unpasteurized) cow or goat milk.  Unpasteurized milk is not sold in stores and is illegal to sell at farmer's markets in Arkansas.  The only place to get it is from the producing farm. 

Now, does it really work?  I don't know, because (knock on wood) no one in my house has Pink Eye.  But, if someone in your house has it or develops it, I'd be more than happy to supply the milk for you to test this out.  I just love a good science experiment, don't you?

Thanks, Jen, for thinking of me and forwarding the link!


  1. Our two year old got pink eye in both eyes and I was beginning to feel my eyes getting think and itchy. We got probiotic goat milk at whole foods grocery and started using drops this morning. I used it first to make sure there was no sting or discomfort then gave some to my daughter. We have both had several doses now and it's getting much better. The redness is gone from her eyes and my eyes are feeling more like normal. We love home remedies and I will say this one is legit!

  2. Friday night I got off work at 1am. My left eye was sore, felt like a lot of pressure on it but no visible signs of pink eye. Saturday I woke around 11am and my eye hurt and the upper eyelid was visibly swollen. I figured this remedy wouldn't hurt to try. We have dairy goats and I applied a drop of raw goats milk every 1-1.5 hrs and would wash they eyelid with soap and water every 4 hours. The cold goats milk from the fridge felt very good and by around 11pm there was a visible improvement. When I woke Sunday morning the swelling was almost completely gone and no feeling of pressure on my eye. I have to say that this works.

  3. one of my goats has pink eye so I am going to try goat milk on her!