Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Critter Update

Well, the chicks continue to get bigger and uglier everyday.  It's unclear how much of the ugly-feather problem is due to their industrial breed and how much is due to their near-death experience last week. 

And, we've got a climber!

Milkshake, the tiniest kitten, wants to be with us ALL the time. If she hears me walk past the window, she climbs the screen and meows at me.

What?  Are you coming outside now?

Here, she is climbing up me as I walk through the yard to check for eggs.

She is so cute in the mornings.  When I go outside at 5:30 for the morning milking, I usually find her curled up on the milking stool in the goat shed.  She walks with me through the yard as I feed the goats and get Razz up onto the milking stand, then she climbs my leg and sits on my knee as I begin to milk Razz.  The first few squirts of milk from each teat go into what's called a strip cup. 
The strip cup has a wire mesh lid that catches any debris that might have been lodged in the tip of the teat and allows you to assess whether the milk is off in odor or consistency before starting to milk into the pail.  Milkshake has decided that what goes into the strip cup is for her.  So, once I get the two squirts per teat into the cup, I put it down on the straw floor, she jumps down off my knee, and climbs inside the cup where she laps up every last drop. 

Scarf, the older of the two new kittens (named for the white ring around her neck) has finally gotten comfortable enough to venture out from under the shrub she'd been living under.

Aren't they cute?

And, they seem to be doing their job.  I haven't heard any unsettling scurrying in the goat shed since these two have taken up residence there. 

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