Monday, June 25, 2012

Dexter Update

Dexter, our rescue dog, is settling in nicely.  We took him to the vet this past week and found out that he's probably about 2 years old.  The vet confirmed that he does look like a Jack Russell Terrier and that, based on how scratched up he was on his belly and legs,  he'd probably been through quite a bit before he turned up at PawPaw's house. 
He basically camps out at the backdoor, just waiting for one of us to come out and run with him or give him some loving!  And, yes, I have been caught scratching him behind the ears a time or two.  :)  What can I say?  He's growing on me.

He seems to know how to act like a dog without crossing over the line.  For example, he drags all of our outdoor shoes off the porch and strews them about the yard.  BUT, he does not chew them up.  See?  It's like he knows just how much I'm willing to tolerate.  In this picture above, he's cowering in shame as I scold him about my shoe.

Another example:  I'd rather he didn't sit in the outdoor chairs.  He, however, thinks that so long as he leaves alone my beloved outdoor bed, he should be allowed to sit in the plastic adirondacks.  I'll grant him that, I suppose.  And, one more example:  he loves to terrorize the meat chickens by racing round and round their pen so fast they probably don't even know what's happening.  They work themselves into such a tizzy over this that feathers go everywhere.  I'm able to laugh this off because he leaves the egg laying chickens alone.  I wouldn't tolerate him scaring them because they can be frightened into not laying. 

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