Monday, August 12, 2013

Girl 2's Got Melons

All that thumping has finally paid off!  

Several weeks ago, we asked one our favorite melon growers for some tips for first-timers on knowing when our melons would be ready.  Girl 2 listened carefully as he explained about how the curly-cue near the melon would shrivel up and how we should listen to the sound of the melon when we thump it.  

Once home, she immediately ran into the backyard to inspect curly-cues and commence thumping.  And that thumping has continued pretty much everyday.  Finally, yesterday, we declared one "ready" and cut it from the vine!

She really was more excited about it than she looks in this photo.  

It was pretty good -- definitely better than a store-bought melon.  But, since we live in the home of the world's sweetest watermelons, I can't say it was the sweetest one we've ever tasted.  What was super sweet about it, though, was that Girl 2 grew it herself, right in our own backyard!

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