Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Fall!

I'll be the first to admit that I often complain about our climate.  And John knows that whenever he decides he's ready to move to Honduras, I'm game. 

But, one day that I absolutely do NOT complain about having 4 seasons to contend with is the day I put out my fall decor.

I definitely don't go overboard, but I do love to put out some things in the house that signify the season.
Now, isn't this little pumpkin cute?  Thanks for the idea, Pinterest.  It really couldn't be much easier to do.  I just printed out a big B in a font that I liked, taped the paper onto the pumpkin, traced the letter with a ballpoint pen (hard enough to make a slight indention in the skin but not so hard that it punctures it), removed the paper, painted within the indentions with brown paint, and sprayed a quick coat of polyurethane over the finished product to keep the paint from running or fading in the elements.
Also on the front porch, my burlap wreath has a fall look.
You may recognize the fall wreath from this post about how I made the original burlap wreath.  All I had to do to give it a fall look was stick in a scarecrow and a few leaves.

Inside, I love this little grouping on the coffee table.  The harvest corn is in a vase that reads "The Lord Provides," the pumpkin reads "Blessings," and the frame holds a picture of my brood, the most amazing blessings the Lord has provided me.

Here, the driftwood log is wrapped in fall garland, and you can see our Thankful Tree.  Each family member got his/her own set of circles to fill with things we are thankful for.  I bet I don't even have to tell you which circle belongs to whom from the samples below.  ;)

Anybody want to try to guess whose are whose?


  1. Let's see.... Dino's would be Elijah. Food would be Millie. Those seem obvious to me. The others a little harder. Maybe health is Ashley, homesteading is John and family is Esther. Did Nana get close? Anyways.... Too many blessings to count!!!