Sunday, September 9, 2012

Goat Pedicures

For those who think that goat pedicures are right up there with chicken baths here at our backyard spa, be aware that The Backyard Goat claims that "Trimming your goat's hooves is the most important thing you can do to keep them healthy." Wow! If only I could get my doctor to say the same for me, I'd get to spend a lot more time in that awesome chair at Nail Spa!
Why is it so important? When their hooves get long, they may limp. If a goat's feet hurt, she won't graze as well and may lose weight. For a dairy goat, this would definitely affect milk production, too.

So far, we've trimmed Razz (our milker) and Honey (my favorite sweet goat). Pictured here is Honey. She's never been on the milking stand before, which is where we opted to try this so that she'd be better restrained. She did alright so long as we kept feed in the trough. John did have to lift her onto the stand and wrestle with her a bit, but we got the job done!

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