Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tomato Canning Party

Sam, my Father-in-Law, brought by this huge box and 3 bags full of tomatoes.  Yea!  Our garden has produced enough to keep us in BLT sandwiches but hasn't provided enough for canning, so I was thrilled with this great gift!

I quickly took John up on his offer to help, and we got to work once the kids were all in bed.

My Mamaw Carroll taught me how to can tomatoes just like she does it.  I felt like I was on a cooking show as I taught John how to do each step of the process.  :)

It's messy business.  In fact, if I'd taken pics at the height of messiness, they'd rival the gore involved in this past week's chicken slaughter post.

What could have been drudgery was actually a lot of fun since we were working together.

Mmmmm.  They whole house smelled so great!

We made it through the box but still have the 3 bags of tomatoes to go.  Perhaps we'll have another canning party tomorrow night.  Yep, we're wild and crazy over here!

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  1. Need to learn to do this. I hate canned tomatoes but we live them year round. Maybe when we come visit I could get a lesson?