Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Month's Giveaway: Peppermint Shampoo Soap

Yep, it's giveaway time again! 

This month's winner will receive a bar of all-natural, homemade Peppermint Shampoo Soap. 
This soap would make a great gift for that man in your life (maybe even for his Christmas stocking). 

Why shouldn't you keep it for yourself? 

1.  It's best for short-hair because you can scrub it directly on your hair to work it into a lather (longer hair would tangle terribly if you tried this). 
2.  It's a bit harsh for color-treated hair.  I used it, and I think it stripped my color (oh, don't act surprised, you aleady knew I color my hair!)
3.  The peppermint scent is great for men as well as women.

That said, if you have short, non-color-treated hair, go for it!  It's a great soap -- you won't be disappointed!

So, how do you get entered to win?  Comment on this post by Friday in answer to this:

We've recently been given some venison, specifically a roast and some ground meat.  Since John doesn't hunt, venison has never before found its way to my kitchen, but I am eager to try it (as it was free to us and, in its way, local).  Help!  Recommendations?  Do you have a good recipe for either the roast or the hamburger?
 (Oh, and since I love my CrockPot, if you can give me a recipe for the deer meat that uses the CrockPot, I'll put your name in the drawing twice!)

Thanks in advance for your responses!  I'll plan to post the winner Saturday.  :)


  1. we love the Burt's Bees shampoo bar and I bet this one is even better!
    As for the deer meat, deer chili is always a winner. Just put your usual chili ingredients in your crock pot and use your deer meat instead of beef. I have more recipes for the deer minute steaks if you ever get any of those.

  2. You can use the ground meat anywhere you would use other ground meat, but the flavor is different, so if your kids have never had it, I would mix it with hamburger or turkey to even it out. If you use it with other strong flavors, like in the peppers you make, it can help too. My favorite way to have deer roast is in soup! I love it in a vegetable soup. Try the ground meat in this recipe:
    2 Cans Minestrone Soup
    2 Cans Rotel (or one if you don't like spicy)
    1 Can Ranch Beans
    1 pound of ground meat (or less if you want to ease them in)
    I make this soup all winter long, but I normally use chicken and Mexican Rotel! It is a favorite at our house!
    I use one can of each for Josh and me, but you have more people to feed! :)
    Let me know what you decide to do.

  3. I love Vegetable Deer soup! You can add any veggies you have laying around and it is yummy! Especially with cornbread!
    If your kids haven't had deer before, I would ease them into it because it has a distinct flavor that they might not like at first. You can mix the ground meat with hamburger or turkey to calm the gaminess.
    Try this soup recipe:
    2 Cans Rotel
    3 Cans Minestrone Soup
    1 Can Ranch Beans
    1 pound of ground meat (cooked)
    You can throw it all in your crock pot on low and let it warm throughout the day, or just through it all in a pot before dinner, it doesn't take long to heat. You can cook the meat in advance and freeze it so you can just throw it in the crock pot later.
    I play around with this base recipe all of the time. When I make it for Josh and me I use one can of each and use chicken and Mexican Rotel. I like to add shredded cheese and sour cream if I have it, if not it is great alone. You can see If your family likes it with more beans and less Rotel and make it your own!
    Let us know how you decide to cook it!
    PS- ground deer is great in lasagna too!