Thursday, October 17, 2013

Soap Packaging: I Need Your Help!

Another dreary day outdoors . . . another productive day indoors. 
Thanks to one of my great family members and faithful readers, I've had a great offer that would allow me to sell soap through a local antique booth.  I'm excited about this opportunity to get my soap out there and see what happens!
So, I've been busy getting soaps packaged and ready to go.  Currently packaged and ready are . . .
Lavender and Olive
Oatmeal and Cinnamon
Orange Chamomile
They are, of course, all goat milk soaps.
I've run into a packaging problem, though.  I can only fit so much information on the label without it looking cluttered. 
Right now, labels have the farm/brand name, "All-Natural {type of soap} Goat Milk Soap," and our farm location.
Since I can't fit much more on the label, I was thinking of setting out a small chalkboard sign that provides a few other key pieces of info.  What should it include?
Some ideas:
info about what makes goat milk soap different than other soaps
"Meet the goats" (and put the blog address and/or a snapshot of Razz)
Or, I could have some business cards made up that would allow a spot for a little more info. 
Thoughts?  Suggestions?  If you were the shopper, what would convince you to try a bar?


  1. All-Natural is always a draw for me but you have that on the label. I like locally hand crafted myself, it sounds nice and also implies that it is natural. And I would definitely include the info on what makes goat milk soap special. It really looks amazing, you've done a great job! The orange chamomile sounds yummy! Shelly Statton

  2. A picture of the goats or of the ingredients is always eye-catching...of course it could be on the display not on each bar...what you have looks fabulous! ~LW

  3. Handcrafted by a local artisan using all-natural iingredients! How is that for a mouthful?